Who are your favorite athletes at these Olympics (besides figure skaters)?

Athletes that really made an impression on me:

Katherine Reutter (short track)--She's so unassuming and unhyped, but WOW. Loved her 1000M performance, she earned the first US women's short track medal in many years. She's awesome.

Alex Bilodeau (moguls)--Earned Canada's first home soil gold. He's so humble and his relationship with his brother Frederick is inspiring.

JR Celski (short track)--It took a lot of courage and hard work to recover from that serious injury. Very impressive. Apolo's successor?

Shani Davis (speed skating)--I don't why he's never hyped and never gets any endorsements. He's one of the most consistent and decorated athletes at these games. He won another gold in 1000M and NBC doesn't seem to care, but he truly rocked.

Maelle Ricker (snowboard cross)--Loved her run! So solid, especially in comparison to the overhyped Jacobellis. And the first woman to win home soil gold for Canada!

Lindsey Vonn (downhill)--Powered through her injury to get the gold (first downhill gold for a US woman!) So fast...totally lived up to the hype.