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This is exactly it. Why do you think there is now anonymous - secret - judging?

And, there has been a case under the 6.0 of judges being spied on. Remember 'Footsiegate' at the 1999 World Pairs event? Judges were filmed giving foot-tapping signals to each other.

My guess is that when they were caught, they didn't like it much. Anonymous judging allows for anonymous cheating, so to speak. Unless they are caught on film.

Oh, no! The judges would have to worry about being fair! What a terrible and unnecessary pressure to put them under...
I think it's a matter of taking the high ground. I don't think there is anyone on this board who is FOR anonymous judging. But the fact is that it's highly questionable that this television station is trying to circumspect basic journalism ethics to get their story.

And the worst part is that the filming didn't really add much to the story.