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Wow, putting the whole Yu-na vs. Mao debate aside, this is a clear violation of journalistic endeavors. What in the world are these people trying to get at by taping the judges? Did they actually think they would get applauded for going against the rules in order to hold up their national favorite? They give a poor explanation of the GOE system, put every element out of context, and make it seem as though Mao should've won, but didn't just because of GOE, when it fact she made mistakes. I can't read the subtitles or comprehend the Japanese, but the gist of every word is clear, as are the underlying messages. Mao wasn't satisfied with her performance for a reason. Why don't they understand that? And why are they filming one judge only? Clearly, an implication is being made. Are people actually believing this rubbish?
For me, the worst part would be that the more casual fans of the sport, who are not fully conversant on the IJS, might be mislead about the scoring. I think it was mentioned on another forum that there are Japanese journalists who offered more balanced views, not only explaining GOEs properly (and why Yu-Na gets so many high GOEs) but also why Mao's mistakes with the flip and popped jump cost her. Can someone more familiar with Japanese print/broadcast media enlighten us to these more balanced opinions? I would really rather pretend that this (the video-taping) is more like the actions of the few, more like an isolated incident.