‘For the first time, the Winter Games are on equal footing with Summer’


Rogge and other IOC officials were unanimous in their verdict that Vancouver delivered the greatest ambiance and public enthusiasm of any Winter Games since the magical 1994 Games in tiny Lillehammer, Norway. Vancouver's joyous mood also has been compared with the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney.

"For the first time, the Winter Olympic Games are on equal footing with a Summer Olympic Games," said Kevan Gosper, a senior IOC member from Australia. "When we look back, we can say Vancouver is where we could start comparing Winter Games with Summer Games and not just winter with winter and summer with summer."

Sebastian Coe, leader of the London organizing committee, was particularly impressed with the full venues and public spirit in Vancouver.

"Not since Sydney have I seen a city embrace the games the way they've been embraced here," Coe said. "My gut instinct is that is what these games will be remembered for. I haven't been anywhere where there's been an empty seat in the house. And the people look like they want to be there."
Well done, Vancouver!!