So Junior Worlds starts next week and I'm curious to see what people's predictions for the results are!

My predictions:


1.) Dennis Ten
2.) Hanyu Yuzuru
3.) Armin Mahbanoozadeh

I was really impressed with Ten at the Olympics and Armin at nationals. I don't know much about Hanyu but from what I hear he is very good. Hochstein or Messing could also potentially sneak onto the podium depending on how everyone else performs.

Ladies : for those that don't know, Ashley Wagner has withdrawn and Kiri Baga is going to take her place.

1.) Kanako Murakami
2.) Christina Gao
3.) Anna Ovcharova

I love all three of these skaters, they are so energetic and cute ! Normally I would have Polina Shelepen above Anna but she has been struggling with her jumps and spins a lot recently while Anna has been performing very well. I think Polina might be going through a big growth spurt and it's affecting her jumps.


1.) Sui/Han
2.) Zhang/Wamg
3.) Takahashi/Tran

Asian sweep like at the JGPF.

I don't watch ice dance but hopefully someone else has imput!