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Thread: Season Best Scores of the competitors

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    Season Best Scores of the competitors

    For reference, here's an unofficial compilation of ISU Season Best Total scores and various other scores of the competitors:

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    Thanks! I'm surprised Polina Shelepen's scores are that much higher than her teammates. I actually think Ovcharova and Agafonova are better skaters than Shelepen, but in JGP Shelepen did 3lz-3t, 2a-3t, and 3sal-3t so I guess she gets a lot of technical points? Now that Gao is going to go for 3t-3t in SP and LP I think she could potentially beat Murakami. I bet one of the Russians will be on the podium too, although I don't know which one (hopefully Anna, she's adorable and skates really fast!). Also Zawadski got very big scores at nationals but I don't know much about her.

    I wonder if Hanyu will end up beating Ten.

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