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Thread: A lengthy Tarasova interview

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    An in-depth Tarasova interview

    It's in Russian, and I wouldn't dare to translate the whole thing even if I spoke the language.
    I took out some excerpts using Google translator though.
    Your thoughts?

    1) On Mao Asada's silver medal
    She choreographed and advised her but no mas.
    T. Tarasova: Yes, I had a relationship to it, I cooked it for 2 years. Not 100% as his cook, but I advised her I did her program, I invited her to do, and it made me the first time in training 2 Axel. Because I considered it a fundamental world record. I am proud that I am 63 and I have participated in the Olympics, and that my little girl, unfortunately, at first ... As Papa said, for the 2-nd place them in ice hockey fired before, and I stick to this now, so I decided that I am more the girl will not work. So I decided, because I could not make it gold.
    2) About her wages
    How much is 49k roubles in US$?
    T. Tarasova: You know, I still have a big salary. Because I just came from CSKA, because there are children ready to leave at the world junior championship. Here, I can say that just the Central Army Sports Club, they just went crazy. They pay 9 thousand rubles. Who already are not supported, the coaches in our country, as I now realize in recent years - I have to say about this later. But for that wage, even sweep the floor people refuse.
    M. Barshchevskaya: And in the national team, however, how much?
    T. Tarasova: Now once the situation has changed somewhat, and this year - just from this year, I emphasize - in the first place, helping a Moscow. And then the guys started to pay a little money. I'm getting my salary - it is 40 thousand rubles.
    T. TARASOVA: I can get them overseas for 1-2 days.
    3) Not so cozy relationship with Russian Federation
    T. Tarasova: You know, I do not know about others. I think that this attitude toward me. Because I have never supported either the judge nor the Federation. Never supported. My athletes have never supported, beginning with Moses with Minenkov. Always wanted to put them on the 2 nd place. And so I always thought that I should train athletes that are a cut above, in which brighter personality. And so it happened: my athletes remember the world forever. Therefore Yagudin was a head taller then Evgeny Plushenko. It was evident, and we threw this, in general, the Berlin wall before the Olympics at the last Grand Prix. We went there and won by one vote - there 5 people just judged - not by a Russian voice. Russian voice was on the other side.
    4) Reaction to President Medvedev's comments
    Ugh, She is pissed.
    T. Tarasova: I want to say that coaches are now in deep shock after the speech Dmitry Medvedev, who said that he was with all due respect to coaches ... First, it is us poised, as if, in the same basket with fat heads and the Federation.
    5) State of sports in the Mother Land
    A hole in the talent pool.
    T. TARASOVA: Yes. Chain exploded since 1985. Here, look, now at the age of Olympians Olympics should be about 20 to 25 years, right? Well, someone older, someone smaller. We have dancers, párniki - they always had 30 when they won. Understand? They were mature adults. Therefore, here, I do. We had no set at all. We have not poured wheels - I have repeated this many times. We have no one brought their children, because we have survived the whole country. How does the country and live sport. Therefore, we can all be removed.
    6) Her suggestions for restoration
    Not in time for Sochi.
    T. Tarasova: We must invest in the sport of the highest achievements in children's sports. We must invest in order to choose not one of those who are involved who can pay for it, but all of the able children. Choose from all the children living on our land of Russia. So we did. New schools, to take coaches. Because, you understand that coaches now that young people who came, they too need to survive. They work in order to rent a room. Centers Ice Skating - Moscow, St. Petersburg, no one is home. In order to rent a room, you know what to approximately 30 thousand, well, let 25. But you have to live, to work hard, directly beside the rink. We have it all settled, all life, we lived near the rink, to get on foot to the rink, because the schedule of coaching - it is 8-10 hours per day, always.
    7) About rise of Asian women
    Like the gals, but fed up with mummy.
    T. Tarasova: You know, they are better tolerated. They are very tolerant. They have a lot of work. Even the fact that we give them enough. I finish work exactly the same region, because there are, of course, the primacy given to the mother who brought their children, and they've trained them, they know them, they train them and they are trying to spread their knowledge or ignorance is very close to the coaches to . I am a professional person totally not going to tolerate this. I can listen to it and something, but, in general, I do not understand how this happens.
    8) Plushenko's defeat
    He should've won the SP by 5,6 points.
    T. Tarasova: You know, I spoke with such an outstanding athlete, too, the Olympic champion, his pupil Ilyusha Kulik. He said: "He did all that was necessary for victory." This is, you know, he did everything he could to win. I think he's a little late, in general, is back. Although it would be for three months.
    T. Tarasova: Yes, he did everything. Its the day a bit ... They came, it was, in my opinion, 5 th or 6 th day, because the issues acclimatization ... I do not know how they felt. Still, he jumps on that day were a little oblique. But because of this he received no pluses. But still, he ...
    T. TARASOVA: Short, he won 100%. I believe that after this it was necessary to immediately lodge a protest. Because he won the 100% short, and he won 4-5. I believe that this defect is ours.
    9) Calls for a rule change
    At the ISU congress.
    T. Tarasova: "We are good, because everyone still thinks about his place. On his place in the ISU, I think. Then, because this is life, and everything else, perhaps, is not life. The rules do not change at all for years in our favor. I consider it a disgrace. Just ugly. We have a lot of people and we have a very competent judge, believe me. Very literate. And now, this team selected a very literate people. And Sasha Lakernik which there ISU, now I know that Allu Piseyev want to go there too, the ISU, the technical committee, you know? There we Gorshkov. Once you can do it all to ask.
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    I wish this was clearer. It is an interesting interview with TT on the whole scope of her career with figure skating. Anyone with good Russian to English translation?

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