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Thread: Well Done Vancouver/Whistler

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    Well Done Vancouver/Whistler

    Well the party is over and the bill will be a hefty one, but I have to say "well done Vancouver/Whistler." The games have come and gone and everyone here is feeling rather deflated now. I think all things considered the games were a success. I was really surpirsed that in the end most Vancouverites and Canadians in general really hopped on board the Olympics train and had a ball. We have not had an even such as this since Expo 86. So despite all my naysaying - it was great!!

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    God bless the city of Vancouver!!

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    It was embarrassing at the opening ceremony that one of the poles couldn't rise. But it was a brillient, brillient idea at the closing ceremony to have a clown to "fix and connect the wire" and raised the pole.

    14 gold and total 26 medals. Wow! Well done, Canada! The best wins to me were V/M's gold medal and Canada vs. USA gold medal match in men's hockey.

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