Hey guys, I had a really strange feeling about 2010 Olympic,
and I try to find out what is going on behind the world of figure skating.

These are the all info I collect from NEWS,Internet, etc...
And I find out figure skating is not sport anymore. It is WAR!

Let's say who get strange score for this Olympic?

1Patrick Chan---made a mistake for jump but won
2Johnny" Weir---clean program but score was too low. Hamilton say because his program was simple.
3Plushenko---jump 4 in both SP&LP, but lost
4kim---her score was unusual.If I converted her score to men's score under the current judging system(woman's score is x0.7,man's score is x2)
her score is 10 points more than Lysachek. Note that woman have less elements compare to the man.
So she could win from the man without 3A or 4.It is super crazy.
Also, even though she skate same program, her GEO&PSC is keep adding up.
plus her program was simple like Jhonny's
5Asada---jump 3 3A but lost.Her Program was difficult.
6Nagasu---clean skate but lost
7Lysacek---won without 4

totally not making sence at all.

Then let's see who realated to which country

1Patrick----North America
2Johnny----Russia(he loves russia, and his coach is russian)
4Kim----North America(coach is canadian, and she lives in canada)
5Asada---Russia(coach, program, music was Russian)
6Nagasu---North America
7Lysachek------North America

So, if you look at carefully you can see whoever related to north america get high score.

Nagasu get low score because ISU didn't have plan to give a medal to nagasu this time.
(after her skating, it take a long time until her score came out)

Why it is happens??

I heared Canadian ISU member try to become the president(today's president is Italian guy), and probablly Korea&US helped.


Korea---They lost from 2014 Olympic because they didn't have a symbol athelete.
world record figure skater can be a big appeal.
(Loyid paid $900.000 to Korea because kim get record score. They had bet)

US---Figure skating in US is fade away. But if they can make the star skater just by controlling GEO&PSC, it is good for them.
(American Idol stuff) and make a money out from it.

See? it is crazy!

I guess Russia try to stop this plan, that is why Plushenko came back.
Otherwise he didn't have any reason to come back. I heard he might have to use the wheel chair in the future because of injury.

Plushenko said he gonna bring the Putin, and now FBI is involved...So...I feel this gonna be serious problem.

(FBI is involved because Korean ppl did syber terro toward the japan's BBC which they talk about the strange judging sytem and score.
But BBC's saver is located same place with American Goverment. So US had $2000.000 damage.)

Also, Russia cought one korean guy who try to poison Asada.

I even suspect about Rochette's mother's death right now.
because NBS broadcast the figure skate's exbition but they skip asda and daisuke.
If they wanted to do it intentionally, death of rochette's mother is useful.


I don't know what to say.

but Olympic can not make money anymore I heared, so they try to do those stuff. I guess.
(They even have a plan to make Youth Olympic...)

I don't care who won or lose, but I don't like Olympic became the idole show.
And I don't like ISU use the skater, couch, fan like their stuf, and didn't show any respect.

If you have a same feeling with me, Pls Mail to ISU&ISO.

This is Nuts!