I can't believe we don't have one yet!


Yu-na Kim. Not as spectacular as at the Olympics due to her cold and not wanting it as bad.
Mao. More great skating from Mao but again unable to catch her rival. A downgraded jump in the LP.
Mirai. She lands her 3/3 in the short and skates lights out in the free again.


Plushenko does his schick and wins easily as he crowns himself the new King.
Daisuke Takahasi gets the GOE that he deserves even with the fall on the quad. again.
Patrick Chan redeems himslef and get a bronze.

who is going? Germans win if they go.

Virue and Moir. The golden team.
Davis and White. right on thier heels
Fallia and Scali. Finally get a medal.