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Thread: Dream Podiums for Worlds

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowflake View Post
    Qing/Jian (who I liked most at olympics)
    Aliona/Robin (always enjoyable, except for the disturbing clown outfit/paint)
    Annabelle/Cody (I never saw their LP at olympics, but loved their SP)

    Jeremy (always my favorite)
    Daisuke (will win if he is back in form)
    Adrian (funny, entertaining guy)

    Mao (struggling all season, she is worth a gold medal)
    Carolina (Oh, how I wish she will have a good skate, get self confidence and continue until Sochi)
    Akiko (just awesome)

    Kerrs (did I hear they are doing the kilt program?)
    D/W (love their Bollywood OD)
    F/S (great FD)

    Some may be, some will not

    Also dreaming about lots of WOW-performances and surprises, especially from the headaches; Brian … Jeremy … Caro … do well!!!
    I agree with most of your choices (esp Mao, Akiko, and Dai~~~) Wishing them the best in Turin. ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix347 View Post
    Why no love for Oda?? He's a great skater.

    Edit: Al

    Best reason I've ever seen for a pick!
    I know Oda is a great skater.But I just can not connect to his program. I can not find a reason to put him on my dream podium. Sorry. But he is an awesome skater!!!

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