I feel that Johnny's statements indicate that he has changed his mind about not skating for points and medals. I think that probably the outcome of the Olys shocked him into re-evaluating a lot of things. Perhaps part of that, is that he now appreciates that his earning high scores gives other USA skaters chances to compete at the biggest competitions. Skating according to one's own standards of art and athleticism does not necessarily result in that, unfortunately.

For skaters like Johnny, who originally trained for 6.0, the rules got changed in the middle of their careers. That has been a blow to the chin of more than one skater. I feel for all of them.

Whatever decisions Johnny makes, I think he has been one of the most naturally graceful male singles skaters I have ever seen, and I shall always remember him that way. With all his grace, he still developed a sublimely athletic triple axel with appropriate outflow, which all too few ever achieve. I consider him a genuine athlete and a genuine artist.