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I think people are jumping to conclusions but we just have to wait and see. My guess is that he was overwhelmed with the media response after the Olympics and felt it was impossible to turn down such a once in a lifetime moment in the spotlight. That might have made Worlds impossible but I don't think it rules out another season, which he was strongly suggesting would happen right after the Olympics. At that point he said he was going to meet with FIT about doing some kind of correspondence studies while he continued to train and compete.

In short, I think his great skates and enthusiastic audience response encouraged him to continue. Then came the media which took him away from skating for a while. AFAIK, that's all the info we have.
For now I think you are right. All the other talk is mostly speculation. Evan siad he needed a break from skating/training and Johnny probably needs one too. They both put in alot of training time leading into Vancouver and have some different opportunities right now.

I have a feeling neither one of them knows what will happen with their competitive skating careers at the moment. They could both comeback or both retire. Or they could be like so many other skaters and retire for a while and then return.