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Oh, I'm very anxious about the men. When I heard that neither Evan nor Johnny was going to Worlds, I wondered whether we might be so unlucky as to net an Olympic Gold Medal and still end up with just two places for next year. I gather Plushenko is attending Worlds (otherwise known as his coronation), and so are the Japanese men? There's not much room at the top, I fear.
Apart from Plushenko, most of the top men are inconsistent though. The youngsters like Kozuka, Brezina, Borodulin, etc are more consistent but will be kept down in PCS while Joubert, Dai, and even Oda and Chan (though he gets monster scores anyways) are not really any more consistent than the US men. Also, I think most of us have all but written out Contesti and Verner as contenders for even the top 10 after their abysmal showings at the Olympics, meaning they probably won't be a factor here. Further, if Bradley or Abbott decides to bomb I feel like Adam will put out two good performances, meaning as long as BOTH Bradley and Abbott don't bomb, we should be able to get 3 spots. I mean a clean Jeremy can easily be on the podium, meaning Rippon or Bradley could be like 10th and it would be fine, and if Abbott is off, I think Ryan and Adam finishing 6th and 7th or 5th and 8th is very doable.