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Thanks for sharing those comments.
I'm rooting for the guy but these comments only make me feel more uneasy. Every time a skater says things like that it never seems to bode well. How many times did we hear Alissa Czisny saying oh, yes, my confidence is way higher, I've learned a lot from last year or the last competition or whatever....
Jeremy should just say to himself or to the world that he messed up like skaters sometimes do and that he'll try his best at worlds like he always intends to. All this trying to assure everybody that everything is different a month later and that this time he is really ready mentally ... how does he know? He doesn't. The fact that he's banging on about his own mental toughness tells me that he's still too focused on the end result and not on focusing on each element at a time.
But of course, all that is way easier said that done ... I hope he proves me wrong b/c he's one of my favorites.
I felt the same way too.

I know that he has to say something when the journalists ask him. But I just prefer him not saying anything or promise anything. Just focus, focus, like Lysacek, tunnel vision. Forget about the outside. Forget about everything, such as twitters, facebook, or his connections with his fans. Forget about these things. Just focus. I wish Jeremy reads on this board. Wish him good luck!