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    ISU Ranking

    I was looking at ISU ranking for figure skating the other day, and it looks like only your best score from one ISU championship, two Grand Prix events and 2 other events count per year. Does that mean that winning all available ISU championship (Worlds, Juniors, Euros/4CC) confer no additional benefit in comparison to just winning Worlds and blowing up on Euros or 4CC?

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    Yeah, only one of the major events per season counts. So Yu-Na Kim as an example already has the maximum points she's going to get this year, as the Olympics and World Championships carry the same value.

    And just so you know-- the way that they come up with your ranking score is they take the 2 best Championship scores from the last three years, and then the four best both Grand Prix and other competition scores to determine the total.
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    So maybe the Ice Network rankings are more close to our general conception of each skater's strength?

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