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The reason why this is Agnes's first international competition is that she just missed (5th) making it out of Junior Sectionals (she was in the midst of a growth spurt). Since she didn't make it to 2009 Nationals, she didn't get any JGP assignments this past season. She was on the JGP substitute list, based on Summer competitions where she was scoring upper 50s in the SP and over 100 in the FS. But she never got the chance to compete internationally until she won the 2010 US Junior Championship.
This is a good point. Agnes wasn't even good enough to make it to junior nationals last year so really at this age skaters can make a lot of progress. She could be the future but some of these other girls have potential to be even better, maybe, just judging by their level of skating now at ages younger than Agnes. I think Adelina Sotnikova is the Russian with the most talent, everyone keeps hyping Elizaveta but I find her skating kind of boring, Sotnikova is amazing .