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    Videos from Gala

    hi guys
    I came from gala in hague, it was a nice night. The venue was not anything special and in the middle of nowhere a bit, lol, but the whole sport center is very modern design with the best room for escalade! The rink looked more like a training rink but the people were very warm and it was almost full all arena, only on the sides empty seats, nice ambiance in general!

    I knew I would like Hanyu but I really really liked also the chinese boy who was second, Song. And thats why I forgot to press the button and recorded him only at the end. :o I really liked him, he was like a blend of Lambiel and Takahiko!

    Hanyu and Murakami have such personality on ice!!!! He did the same exhibition as last year and I wowed when he did the ina bauer and bielman! Kanako had a beautiful dress and program Loved them both!

    They skated also a boy and girl from Nederlands, I recorded the girl. And they had a team number in the beginning. I didnt see pairs gold cause I had to run to catch the train (which I lost at the end anyway), so i didnt see finale also. I liked in ladies the bronze russian girl more than the 4th and I enjoyed a lot the canadian dance team and the chinese pair! Too cute!

    Ok here are my home videos from last night, I uploaded them in a seperate account in case they decide to suspend it:sheesh:, cause they sent me already some messages about songs copyright. Anyway here they are

    it is not very good quality and some accidents with camera, the boards were a bit annoying in front of me, plus there is some screaming but well..I havent put titles on the videos yet except for one, i ll do it later.
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