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Thread: Pairs SP starting order

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    Quote Originally Posted by blue_idealist View Post
    Weird to have Kemp & King right in between S&S and the Zhangs.

    About D&D, I think people might have given up on them because they seem to have regressed a bit the last couple of seasons, from a world bronze to the back half of the top 10. Who knows though.. they could get better..
    I guess. I just sorta ssumed their worlds bronze was a fluke moment - S/Z retired, P/T had the URs, and really, very few of the top teams skated cleanly. I'm just not ready to write them off (even though yeah - I don't know how long they'll skate for. I know he's looking ahead to after figure skating).

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamuraiKike View Post
    Its personal opinion of course, what is annoying to some is refreshing to others. I like that feelling of the skaters knowing they are among the top competitors and made it to the final stage (LP/FD). Whenever I watch a SP/OD event with casual fans and they ask "¿how much are competing?" and I answered 25-27 and then they ask how many will skate at the LP and I say the top 24, they all laugh or put a perplex face as "Then what's the point of doing this round?" In the skating world of today where SP and OD are basically the same as the long programs but with less elements (I disagree about them being completely different) , the qualifying aspect surely gives them a level of relevance. And if you had a bad day on the SP and didnt advance, thats tough and I'll definetly feel sorry for the skater, but thats sports and thats life.

    Plus we can't deny the logistics factor. Can you imagine a LP of 55 ladies (the number of entries this year)!!!!!!
    Oh, no, I definitely wouldn't want to see 55 Ladies LPs either. If someone asked me what the point was of the short program, I would just say that the SP and LP are two differently choreographed programs that present different challenges for the skaters. The LP is obviously a much greater test of endurance, and the SP is more about being about to cram many elements into a short period of time. Some skaters are great SP skaters and abysmal LP skaters. Some skaters are the opposite. I see no reason why we can't allow at least 20 skaters per discipline to skate LPs. Skaters spend a lot of money and time choreographing and training LPs, so it would be nice if as many skaters as possible were allowed to compete them. I'm not saying let 55 people skate, but the 17th ranked pair team may be decent enough where they deserve to skate a LP.

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    I think about D/D that they're having personal issues between them that are affecting them in the ice too. It also seems like she doesn't want to continue skating. He might find a new partner if that's the case. also I just can't see them fighting S/S, P/T or K/S unless they all have a very bad day.

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    I liked this Greek pair . Too bad about the failed throw jump, but they were good to watch. I hope to see more of them in the future. There was a natural gracefulness there.

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