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Thread: Your top ten ladies of all time?

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    Your top ten ladies of all time?

    In somewhat of an order...

    Michelle Kwan, for solid jumping, joyful ease, great edges, competitive fire and longevity.
    Yuka Sato, professional years. She has it all
    Sasha Cohen _ despite the falls, her skating is exquisite
    Dorothy-beauty, grace, best back, best stroking, an athlete in her time
    Kat Witt-she just got better and gave us so many beautiful pro skates. As a competitor, only Kwan stands with her for meeting the big moments with killer instinct

    Janet Lynn-lovely, she left us too soon
    Irina Slutskaya OM?G- how did I leave her off? hated her gawky years despite the jumps but she was awesome-fun to watch, all those achievements. I loved watching her fly through Cotton Eysd Joe in her gala skate at SLC. She deserved all her titles, really, what a worker/competitor. There will never be a Russian to even come close to her resume.
    Kristi Yamaguchi-as a pro she kept her jumps and truly became one of the most graceful skaters, so perfectly blessed to reach her porential, the luckiest skater
    Mirai Nagasu-the most adorable skater, she lights up and does everything well.
    Chen Lu-exquisite

    And not yet but when she is more complete with better spins, spirals, spark YUNA will bump someone, probably Biellman off the list.
    Shizuka is lovely but did not stay with us long enough to make this list, Nor did talented Tara but I love both.
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    1.) Yuna
    2.) Kristi
    3.) Michelle
    4.) Mirai
    5.) Shizuka
    6.) Midori
    7.) Carolina when she's on
    8.) Joannie
    9.) Irina
    10.) Jenny

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    Well, my lists of these kinds of threads will always be limited. It's hard for me to list Dorothy or Peggy or Janet Lynn as my favorites because I never watched them skate, except on youtube. So this is just very personal and it's restricted to the early 1990s on because 1992 is the first Olympics I ever remember watching.

    1. Michelle Kwan. She'll always be in a category of her own for me. Such solid tecnique, and I don't think anyone has ever connected to the audience like she did. She spoiled us with so many perfect programs.
    2. Kim Yuna. No lady skater has ever matched athletic power with musicality and artistry the way she has.
    4. Sasha Cohen. I don't care what anyone says, she has a breathtaking quality and exquisiteness that no one else can really match. Sasha ruined spirals for me because nobody does it the way she did in her best competitive days. And I love the sharpness of her footwork in her best programs.
    3. Kristi Yamaguchi. Well, Kristi was like the Yuna of her time, combining impressive jumps with artistry. I still think Michelle beats her in projecting emotion, though.
    5. Mao Asada. Too bad she is under Yuna's shadow because she is just one of the best skaters I have ever seen. Here is hoping she'll keep going and break out of that shadow in the next years.
    6. Midori Ito. The Midori of 1988-1992 can still out jump most of today's ladies. Plus, I think she had a certain charisma on the ice that made up for her lack of flexibility and other weaknesses on the artistic side.
    7. Irina Slutskaya. Like Sasha, I wish she had skated more perfect programs because when she did, like at 2005 worlds, it was powerful and energetic and exciting and ... Irina!
    8. Oskana Baiul. Too bad she didn't keep going. She had that other-wordly balletic quality that only Sasha has ever matched (or surpassed). Her Swan Lake SP is one of my all time favorite programs.
    9. Tara Lipinski. I know she doesn't make a lot of people's list but she won me over immediately with her joy, her power and her competitiveness.
    10. Chen Lu. The only reason I don't have her higher is because she was sort of under my radar the whole time... I've sort of gone back and discovered her more fully. So I don't have the same emotional attachment as the others. But I'm not about to leave her off the list!

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    1. Sasha Cohen - the most gorgeous skater that I've ever seen; she had the most perfect positions and spirals. Some people found her cold, but to me she seemed wonderfully emotional when she was on - her Juliet was extremely touching.
    2. Mao Asada -she's just like a butterfuly; when she was doing her beautiful, graceful programs, she really was magical. Very soft and lyrical - soft and quiet like a warm summer's day.
    3. Michelle Kwan - not much explanation needed.
    4. Katarina Witt - her carmen was one of the best ever, IMO

    For me, others pale in comparison to these 4, but some that I like include:

    Irina (not the most beautiful skater when standing still, but really came to life when skating)
    Shizuka (her olympic performance was magical)
    Mirai (has major potential)
    Tara (joyful and full of energy).

    Edited to add could I forget her?
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    1. Miki Ando
    2. Mao Asada
    3. Shizuka Arakawa
    4. Yu-Na Kim
    5. Carolina Kostner
    6. Yukari Nakano
    7. Joannie Rochette
    8. Sarah Hughes
    9. Midori Ito
    10. Fumie Suguri

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    I love threads like this! Someone always characterizes the skaters in a way that makes me see something new in their abilities. I agree with Layfan and Bijoux in placing Michelle at the top of the list. The way she combines technique with soul is simply bewitching. Her consistency and longevity also boost her to the top of my rankings. I'm glad Bijoux also includes Yuka Sato, who has a similar combination of emotion and meticulous technique. When she skated in pro competitions, knowledgeable camera operators would often focus on her skates, because her footwork was so intricate and interesting. I'd probably place her second, as Bijoux does.

    I don't think it's just "chronological snobbery" that would put Kim and Asada on the list. I think they're both there to stay, however long or briefly their careers last. Kim has amazing speed and power but does it all with artistry. Plus she has that rise-to-the-occasion mentality that keeps her steady in the most high-pressure moments. Asada also is one for the ages. Besides her jumps, she has a beautiful airy quality to her skating, and she's tremendously musical. She's also able to connect emotionally to both the music and to her audience. What a smile! (Let's hope we see more of it in the coming year; she has looked so weighed down this season.) I always root for her.

    Sasha goes on all my lists, too. Her faults are much less significant than many people make out. For a supposed head case, she has a pretty good haul of international medals (including an Olympic silver--not too shabby) and a pretty long career. As one of you said, her spirals have spoiled me forever, because no one else does them with the precision and the poetry she brought to them. What really put me in her corner was a trip via YouTube into her past. She arrived at Nationals at the age of fifteen or so and was a fully fledged artist right then. She never looked like a junior. Whatever she has as a skater she always had--no awkward early stage or middle stage.

    Dorothy--as Bijoux mentioned, beautiful stroking and the best carriage ever, except for Yuka.
    Janet--the kind of joyous poetry on ice that we didn't see again until Michelle.
    Kristi--she just got better and better. As a pro, she became more expressive without losing her jumps. She's also versatile and projects an appealing personality.

    I don't know what to do for the last few spots, so I'll leave them open for now.

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    This is going to be hard ~~

    1. Michelle Kwan -- The eternal Kween. No skater trumps her in overall package or in the ability to
    move audience's hearts.
    2. Mao Asada -- The lightest skater to ever set foot on ice. At her best, she was like an ice
    fairy. She wasn't always in Yuna's shadow^^. Hoping she can emerge back into the
    spotlight again.
    3. Midori Ito- Still the greatest female jumper in my eyes.
    4. Janet Lynn- One of the most graceful skaters in history.
    5. Oksana Baiul- Most balletic skater I've seen and she commanded the ice.
    6. Yuna Kim -- A great actress on ice and a master technician.
    7. Chen Lu -- She possessed a very unique sense of artistry.
    8. Mirai Nagasu- She's still in the making but has already become one of my favorite skaters.
    Always a joy to watch.
    9. Kristi Yamaguchi -- She had that rare combination of athleticism and artistry.
    10. Tonya Harding -- Before the scandals and the downfall, Tonya in her heyday was a
    powerful jumper and she knew how to entertain the crowd with her unconventional music
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    1. THE GODDESS ON ICE: MICHELLE KWAN- for me, she is the greatest figure skater of all time. Her emotional connection to the music, to the audience, her flawless skates, charisma, freedom on the ice, grace, inner and outer beauty and passion for the sport makes her the greatest ever! With or without the Olympic gold, her 5 world titles and 2 Olympic medals are greater that 2 Olympic Gold medals combined.

    2. YU-NA KIM! Queen Yu-Na, her regal look, the height of her jumps, her beautiful musicality and beauty make her one of the greatest ever!

    3. CHEN LU

    4. KRISTI YAMAGUCHI! Simply exquisite in every sense of the word!


    6. YUKA SATO- beautiful edging and incredible heart wrenching artistry is simply BEAUTIFUL!



    9. OKSANA BAIUL- The ballerina on the ice

    10. MAO ASADA- She is absolutely lovely! If she skates the light music she is simply ethereal!

    Tara Lipinski was also amazing! Her "Rainbow"program was pure joy!!!!!

    MIRAI NAGASU also has some of the most beautiful technique, spins , jumps etc.! She will be one of the favorites in SOCHI!!!! I

    She will mature in due time and probably land in my top 3 together with Michelle and Yu-NA!
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    It is hard to compare current skaters with those of generations past that we never had an experiece to witness live but here goes. This list is not really in order.

    1. Michelle Kwan
    2. Yu-na Kim
    3. Midori Ito
    4. Katrina Witt
    5. Sonja Henie
    6. Sasha Cohen
    7. Mao Asada
    8. Tara Lipinski
    9. Marabel Vincent Owen
    10. Katia Gordeeva

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    1. Katarina Witt
    2. Midori Ito
    3. Lu Chen
    4. Oksana Baiul
    5. Yukina Ota

    I'd add Mao and Yuna to the list when they retire.

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    No particular order:

    Sasha Cohen
    Michelle Kwan
    Yu Na Kim
    Yuka Sato
    Katerina Witt
    Ekaterina Gordeeva (as pairs and as single)
    Oksana Baiul (only that ballerina at Olympics)
    Miki Ando
    Irina Slutskaya
    Shizuka Arakawa

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    In alphabetical order of their last name:

    1. Shizuka Arakawa
    2. Oksana Baiul
    3. Lu Chen
    4. Yuna Kim
    5. Michelle Kwan
    6. Tara Lipinski
    7. Janet Lynn
    8. Lucinda Ruh (Very Subjective)
    9. Katarina Witt
    10. Kristi Yamaguchi

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    My order often change over time, depends on who I happen to be reminiscing at that time


    1. Midori Ito
    2. Mao Asada
    3. Shizuka Arakawa
    4. Sasha Cohen
    5. Michelle Kwan
    6. Chen Lu
    7. Tara Lipinski
    8. Elizabeth Manley
    Barbara Underhill
    Mai Asada
    Miki Ando
    Ekaterina Gordeeva
    Shae-Lynn Bourne
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    1. Kristi Yamaguchi
    2. Yuka Sato
    3. Janet Lynn
    4. Sasha Cohen
    5. Irina Slutskaya
    6. Joannie Rochette
    7. Karia Gordeeva - for her courage alone she should be on the list
    8. Chen Lu
    9. Katarina Witt
    10. Yuna Kim
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    1. Yu-Na Kim
    2. Michelle Kwan
    3. Katarina Witt
    4. Irina Slutskaya
    5. Tara Lipinski

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