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Thread: Pairs Short Program

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moxie View Post

    Umm, why did D&D place better than E&L?
    My question too. I love Jessica & Bryce, but they have been off this season, and so far in this competition. Amanda & Mark had a lovely skate. I thought they would finish higher than that. Good for Caydee and Jeremy. Loved Pang & Tong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gold12345 View Post
    The Zhangs a 58? No way, especially not with the judges' tendency to score everyone very high lately. The Zhangs may have serious presentation issues, but there are very few teams that can keep up with them technically when they're skating well, and I have no issues with their score today in comparison to the others. I would have had M/T's score a bit higher though.
    The Zhangs at 58 is slightly generous. Technically, D/B and E/L are just as good in the SP. Emotionally, D/B and E/L programs connect more. The Zhangs interpretation and performance scores should be a lot lower than D/B and E/L. I give them the edge on their twist and their SBS Salchow, so I put them at 58 compare to E/L at 57 and D/B at 60.
    Dube/Davidson should get 49 for that performance.

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