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Oh, the responses one could shoot back.

1. Do you think Chan lacks a significant audience connection? Any more so than Abbott, Kozuka, etc? He's not a natural showman (certainly not on par with Takahashi, or even Joubert), but I think he and his programs are quite effective in that regard (I think this will be more apparent if he nails the LP).
Could you please go back to the original post that I have responded to? I was refering to what Poodlepal said.:sheesh:

I agree with you on this. To me, Chan does have connections with the audience but his performance was just that. It was not on the par with Takahashi and Joubert. I actually think that Joubert did better than Takahashi this time. I don't see anything from Chan should be better than Joubert in PCS except TR. In SS, his spin might be better but Joubert did a perfect 4-3 (the only one in the top 6 skaters). So their SS should be at least even or Joubert's higher.

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2. Do you think Chan is only about "deep edges?" If that were true, he wouldn't be any more successful than Laura Lepisto - a medal contender in a poor field, but under the top five when perfect. Obviously, that's not the case. I mean he gets high levels on footwork and spins (or do you think difficult spins and footwork aren't integral to figure skating?), does a full array of triples (which is admittedly the bare minimum for men, but still) and has programs that are so technically difficult, despite the lack of a quad. There's a reason he can compete with the ebst of the field, and that's why. It seems to me that your comment disregards everything he does well (which is just as reductive as the "figure jumping/ice jumping comments, or the people who disregard Joubert because of his physical attractiveness)
Again, you took my post out of context! Mister!

No, Chan's skating is not all about the deep edges, BUT his deep edge seems to have covered everything in judges' mind and in many Chan's fans' mind, and been hyped as the next best thing, or rather the best thing in the world right now. He has deep edges in his skating better than most of the male skaters. That's it, and that's all. Too much emphasize on the edges. That is not right! That is not all the men's skating about. He is competitive in his skating. However, does he have the best spin in the world? Does he have the best jump in the world? (Goodness, he is struggling with his 3A a lot of the times.) His footwork is one of the best in the world but is not THE best. His program is definitely not the best. It's just an average in the top 6 skaters. He didn't go all the way out in his performance. So he is over scored. Period!