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You are misunderstanding and I was certainly not misleading. By "best of Mao", I meant if she skates a perfect LP tomorrow, something like, or better than what she did in 4CC or at her Nationals. I was not in anyway calling her SP her best, although I thought she skated great. She didn't get her optimal score with her 3A being downgraded.

My point is her perfect LP tomorrow (Mao's Best) couldn't beat Mirai's perfect LP (Mirai's Best), if Mirai has as good a performance in her LP tomorrow as she did in her SP. And we know if Yuna has her perfect LP tomorrow (as in Vancouver) she can beat Mirai and Mao, although I agree with the majority opinion that it is unlikely Yuna will get that kind of score/perfornance since she doesn't seem to be in her best post-Olympics. No misleading going on here.
I got it. I guess I did misunderstand. Sorry.