I heart Aunt Joyce. He has a wicked sense of humor ! He always uses common sense to debunk lots of bullshit myth among those partisan 'fans'.

Love his new commentary


If anyone ever doubts the power of Skate Canada, take a look at P Chiddy's performance vs. his marks. His edges are good, but they're not THAT good. Patrick Chan has a way of getting under the skin of fans and skaters alike with his cocky attitude. His skating is lauded as the second coming, but Johnny Weir wasn't buying it. Peter Carruthers kept pressing Johnny about Chan's skating and it was delicious for the television audience. Almost every single one of Patrick's jumping passes was ung on to. he fell on a triple loop, had a foot down on his first triple axel, he was forward on his second triple axel, had another step down on his triple salchow and yet the judges still rewarded him ahead of Joubert's program. He looked off the entire program, but still delivered a circular step sequence that was to die for. Yet, Patrick was just off balance on his jump for the entire program. Ioana called to say that he was only overscored by about fifteen points before she realized that this assured Canada of three spots and meant that there is hope that Shawn Sawyer could continue and be in Tokyo next spring. Upon learning this, she now feels that Patrick's marks were perfectly accurate.

Johnny Weir says that Patrick Chan skates with 'starfish hands' and that the only time he has a pointed toe is on his back sit spin.
By the way, where did 'P Chiddy' come from? What does it mean? I have no clue.