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    Ladies - LP

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    Mirai almost got the Pimp Spot but it's a great spot for her. However, unlike Vancouver, she'll have a little more pressure on her to deliver. Let's see if she can pull it off. Ksenia can have a respectable Top 6 finish too. I liked her Olympics performance.

    Yuna can easily pull a Stephane at 2006 SC-Adam at 2010 4CC-Elvis at 1996 Worlds and move up. But it also depends how the final flight skate. She has Viktoria, Cynthia, and Granny skating after her before the FF. Caro has a tendency to bomb at home and Rachael is getting downgrades left and right all of a sudden. Laura will get the pretty points even with only 3 triples but we'll see.

    Looking at the LP music list, we're getting
    2 Cleopatras (Miki & Cynthia)
    2 Carmens (Mirai & Elene)
    1 Maria (Akiko)
    1 Roxie (Alena)
    1 Elizabeth the Virgin Queen (Cheltzie)
    1 Fantine/Cosette/Eponine (Min)
    1 trying to be like 2005 Irina (German Sarah)
    1 trying to be like 1999 Maria B. (Gitzmo)
    1 trying to be like 2007 Stephane (Sonia)
    and a 12th Warrior (Ksenia)
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    Oh it's so weird to see Akiko in the first group I will wake up at 4:30 AM PST so I can watch her skate one of my favorite LPs this year....tomorrow is going to be CRAZY.

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    Skating gods PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Yu-na and Akiko have redeeming skates tomorrow. I don't want them to end such a phenomenal year on a low note! I hate to see great skaters down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlgpffps View Post
    skating gods please please please let yu-na and akiko have redeeming skates tomorrow. I don't want them to end such a phenomenal year on a low note! I hate to see great skaters down.

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    Considering all the distractions aroun her, I didn't think Yuna was going to be 100% in Torino. But, I have never thought she would struggle with something other than the first two jumps. She probably lost her cool after the flip. I guess she is human after all. No doubt that she will perform better than she did today. But, I don't expect her LP to be as good as her Olympic LP. She will make the podium, though. Have you guys seen the protocol yet?

    Extremely happy for Mirai. Barring a disaster -- and it won't happen -- she will get a medal. With her performance at the Olympics, it is a great opportunity for her. A strong foothold in her campaign for Sochi.

    As for Mao, she is planning 3A, 3A-2T, and possibly 3F-3Lo (or is it 3F-3T?) in LP. I am not sure how consistent the tech panel may get tomorrow. But, I assume two downgrades out of the three based on what I saw today. I am not sure if that is enough to beat Mirai. She can decide what to do with 3-3 after Yuna's LP. Unless Yuna submits a near perfect LP, Mao may be able to catch up with Mirai as Mao is one determined girl right now.
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