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You do have a thing for the up-and-comers. But that's a good thing. It forces the rest us to be aware of things.
Yeah, I just think you never know what can happen to a skater. Like Mirai didn't make it out of regionals the year before she won the junior title and now she's skyrocketing, Agnes Zawadzki didn't make it to nationals last year and now she's junior national champion and world junior silver medalist, Anna Ovcharova was 16th at russian junior nationals last year and was 2nd at that event this year and won the SP at junior worlds and was 5th overall, Christina Gao was last in the novice division at nationals two years ago and was 13th at regionals the year before that and she beat Ksenia Makarova at the JGPF this year! You have to watch out for some of these kids, they can sneak up on you!