what i mean- is this . because U.S. didn't get 3 women for next years worlds, how will we (us) be seen internationally--will it hurt or help because they are young.
because other us skaters we young in the past got three under 6.0's and with figures included
so does age make a difference.
or is it because they are young. or because other country skaters are older /caught up to U.S. in technqiue and style and personallity and jumps. us focus too much on artistry.
or because U.S. bases most of it on artistry and (i perceive as lack of doing a jump correctly-like ur, prerotation, underotation, wrong edges on landing/takeoffs) where costly points are taken off.

does this lack of 13 hurt our potential for U.S. women skaters to get on top or on podium in future years and next year.
rachel was 9th in free skate, mirai was 11th.
or does the Us women skaters need to buckle down and fight during competition and clean jumps and work on attitude instead of just skating.

i apologize if this comes across wrong. but i am wondering about overall concept of american womens skating in future .
because I as a fan assume /thought that the youngster, mirai, rachel, ashley, caroline zhang could and would get 3 women skaters. but apparently i am wrong-so now i am worried about the future of American Women figure skating.:sheesh::
just might thought--like i stated i apologized if taken wrong way.