I think Mirai was quite impressive this season. I think we need to all remember that the Olympics and Worlds were her FIRST big international competitions. At the Olympics she had NO pressure really, of course being at the Olympics in general is quite a high pressure situation but she wasn't expected to medal, in fact I believe she was expected to finish somewhere 5th-10th. Yet she exceeded those expectations and placed 4th! Then less than a month later she goes to her first Worlds and finds herself in 1st after the SP!! That is pretty amazing. Yes in the end she finished in 7th, but she's only 16 and just starting out in major international events.
I think people forget because she already went to an Olympics that this Worlds was only her 2nd big international competition. Most skaters don't just come in and medal in their first few big events. Michelle Kwan didn't-she was 8th at her first worlds, Tara Lipinski didn't-she was 15th her first Worlds, Sarah Hughes was 7th at her first worlds, Kristi Yamaguchi was 6th at her first worlds.