I would say Miki for bronze. When you look at it overall Miki only messed up her combination in the SP, a sloppy spin and a downgrade on the third jump (2Lo) in a sequence, but landed 6 triples in her LP. Laura on the other hand didn't even skate a Junior-level LP.... 3 triples and all doubles?

What worries me is the idea that we might be seeing A LOT more 3T+3T combinations in the upcoming seasons.... what's the point of trying a harder combo (like 3F+3T or 3Lz+3T) or even a 3F or Lz + 2T or Lo when the 3T+3T gives a higher point total with GOE in consideration? It racks up the GOE's and, in my opinion from skating myself, is actually easier and more fail-safe than doing a 3F or 3Lz in combination with a 2T or 2Lo?

This competition proves that the old saying that "the SP can't win the competition for you, but it can lose it" with CoP is far from the truth. Mao and Yu-Na both taking gold or silver was pretty much a given... I'm sure most skaters had the mentality that Bronze would be their Gold medal. So in this case, the SP did win it for Laura, even with a subpar junior-ish LP.

I can definitely say this now.... I will be very upset next season to see skaters start giving up on their 3Lz and 3F combos (who don't have it secured with a second triple) in favor of the 3T+3T... SP layouts will all start looking like 3T+3T, 3Lz or 3F, (and of course) 2A.