There really is a need to separate the Elements from the Artistry. At least the Quad complainers will have their day to prove they've worked hard on a particulary difficult element and were credited for it. That is if it is presented and executed by definition. Of course there would be other elements to consider who is the best in the Elements Category.
I would suggest 5 jump elements selected by the competitor with one combo included as well as 3 spins with 1 combo included. (not unlike Diving competition). A medal for the highest total score for the Element Contest would be awarded for the skater (not unlike Gynastics).

Holding on to these totals and on another day, have the Artistry judges for skating to music. While it will be judged by opinions and visual errors, the scores should name a winner and that skater will earn a medal for the best skated artistic program.

Alll the Elements scores and Artistry scores will be summed up for the overall winner and podium of the entire competition.

Would the above plan be wrong to eliminate one 'artisty comp' ?