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If I were you, I would rather put it this way - "I guess I am one of the few active posters of GS who like the short program OK the way it is" 'Cause I believe, there must be a number of figure skating fans (including myself) who feel the same way as you do about the short program.
I think the fans definitely like the SP the way it is. The artistry alone cries out to all the masses and it is comparable with the great works of ART.

Can anyone watch Verdi's Aida and see the real artistry without triple salchows? It will be on this week on PBS. Try it. I somehow think that artistry in figure skating only exists in the minds of fans who do not attend other sources of ART.:sheesh:

BTW - What is the difference between the SP and the LP? and how do you define artistry as opposed to presentation?