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Thread: It's Time to Change the Short Program

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joesitz View Post
    And for Senior Singles their Technical is not that important, There is no expectation that there will be, e.g., Moves-in-Field or triple jumps.
    Of course the short program is all about the technical elements, Joe. The current requirements for ladies are

    1. A double Axel.
    2. A solo triple jump out of connecting footwork.
    3. A triple-triple or triple-double jump combination
    4. A combination spin with at least two changes of position, each held for at least two revolutions.
    5. A layback spin of at least eight revolutions.
    6. A spiral sequence with at least three positions and one change of foot.
    7. A footwork sequence incorporating a full complement of skating steps and turns.

    These seven required technical elements comprise the heart of the short program.

    Skaters who are more technically skilled than others can gain more points by, for instance, doing a triple-triple instead of a triple-double, or by doing a triple Lutz instead of a triple loop. Skaters can also gain more points in Skating Skills and Transitions by doing extra moves-in-the-field like Ina Bauers and split jumps.

    I think it is a better test of technical skill to require the skaters to demonstrate all of these elements one after the other in a short program, rather than just do each element in isolation.

    (Just my opinion.)
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