In addition, according to Skate Canada CEO, he strongly believes that Virtue/Moir will stay as well. He even explicitly told people not to pay attention to V/M's waffling on this topic and reiterated that Skate Canada will do whatever they can to keep the golden couple. So it is quite possible that Canada will enter the 2010-2011 season with its full complement of stars and rising stars from the 2010 Olympics where in dance, ladies and men - each will have have either an Olympic or World Medalist in 2010 + a second skater who is more or less top 10 in the world. In comparison, the United States will expect a lot more retirements in both men and dance and will struggle to rebuild the ladies after a dismal finish at the 2010 Worlds. If Lysacek doesn't return, this would mean U.S. men will be left with Abbott and Rippon as the lead men with a fairly open 3rd spot whereas Davis/White will lead the way in dance but with a somewhat unsure 2nd rank team due to retirement of Belbin/Agosto and as well as the 4th place team in the U.S. this year. Even in ladies, there are questions as to whether Rachael Flatt will continue to skate or not because she may accept Stanford and leave competitive skating entirely. In short, the 2011 season may look pretty familiar in Canada but in the U.S., there could be quite a bit of new faces.