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Thread: Predictions for 2011 Worlds

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    I'll wait until the 10-11 season to start... when we know who's in and out and what they are skating to before I would make my picks for Tokyo.

    The off-season is only a week old! Let's just relax!

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    My one prediction

    I predict that Yuzuru Hanyu will compete at the Worlds. He will be old enough. He's probably the most talented 15 year old men skater I've ever seen.

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    Assuming all the Olympic champs retire (which I'm pretty sure they will.......)

    1. Asada
    2. Kostner
    3. Nagasu

    1. Takahashi
    2. Chan
    3. Abbott

    1. Zhang/ Zhang
    2. Kavaguti/Smirnov
    3. Dube/ Davison

    1. Davis/ White
    2. Faiella/ Scali
    3. Pechalat/ Bourzat

    but these are way premature........ we'll probably have a better idea once the Grand Prix starts...

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    Dube and Davison really need MAJOR improvement from this season to even think of getting back on that podium.

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