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Thread: Your Top 10 Moments in 2009/10 Season

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    Thumbs up Your Top 10 Moments in 2009/10 Season

    What a season has it been? It's too early to suffer from withdrawal symptoms just yet! Not until you list your top 10 moments this season.

    It can be a specific performance or moment where your adreanaline went right up.

    Here are mine to start off, in no particular order:

    1. When I realised Sasha was actually competing, watching the official Nationals SP practice on youtube. That split jump into spiral! Nostalgia becomes reality. She's here!!!!!!!!

    2. Mao and Yu-na skating back to back in the Vancouver short program. Mao finally delivers. She finally jumps out of joy. Crowd goes crazy. Camera spots Yu-na and Orser. Yu-na delivers! WOW.

    3. Watching Plushenko in the first warm-up of COR on TVU. It's like 2am Sydney time. My first time with this crazy internet stream thing (thanks to you computer savvy GS people!). And I hear Plushenko's name called, first time in 4 years in an amateur comp. Quad/triple. Amen.

    4. Meeting Jeffrey Buttle at Pacific Coliseum. Ok I'm bragging. He was the nicest and also v. cute. I really wanted to ask how come he wasn't out there skating but I didn't.

    5. Meeting Daisuke at a souvenior shop in Downtown Vancouver. Ok I'm bragging again. It was the night before the LP and I didn't want to harass him. So I just said, "You were fantastic last night.", to which he politely acknowledged. Then my mum pushed me over and got an autograph anyway! Those pushy middle aged women...

    6. Witnessing Daisuke's magnificent short in Vancouver. Stunning.

    7. Jeremy's National's LP performance. As Scott Hamilton said, a perfect program!

    8. Mirai's SP at Nationals. She was on fire!

    9. Savchenko & Szolkowy's LP at Worlds. I loved their program most of all the pairs this season.

    10. Mao ending the season with a bomb in the World's Long Program. Is team Mao nuts? What's with the weird music choice? Three 3axels is just to hide her lack of 3/3s! Ugly dress! What's JSF doing about Tarasova?.... It was noisy in the backstage. But Mao? Her attitude was consistent throughout the season. She never complained, she stuck to her plan, and she proved herself that night. She might not be the smartest competitor, but she's a pure athlete. I respect this 19-yo so much.

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    1. Scott Hamilton returns to the ice
    2. Evan Lysacek's surprise gold medal in Vancouver
    3. Ryan Bradley's US Nationals LP
    4. Shen and Zhao's Gold Medal in Vancouver
    5. Evora & Ladwig's making the Olympic Team and holding their own internationally when some many self-proclaimed experts counted them out
    6. Mirai's comeback
    7. Keegan Messing's debut as a Senior at Nationals
    8. Takahashi's World Champion!!!
    9. & 10. Joannie's Olympic Programs... she is freaking amazing.

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    1. Evan realizing he won gold
    2. Seeing Sasha at the official practice at Nationals
    3. Virtue and Moir FD at Worlds
    4. Davis and White FD at Words
    5. Jeremey Abbott Freeskate at Nationals
    6. Daisuke's quad flip at Worlds (ratified in by sentimental book).
    7. Mirai's look on her face after her olympic freeskate.
    8. Akikko Sizuki's footwork during her West Side Story program at the GPF.
    9. Evan's SP at the Olympics
    10. Jeremey Abbott's SP at Nationals

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    When you say Top 10 Moments, I will take that as including both the good and the bad. So in no particular order:

    1. Yu-Na Kim shedding tears of joy and relief after skating two nearly-flawless programs back-to-back at the Olympics-- and overcoming months of tremendous pressures and expectations.
    2. Daisuke Takahashi finally winning Worlds (and in spectacular fashion, too)
    3. Domnina and Shabalin debuting their OD and setting off a firestorm of international disapproval.
    4. Shen and Zhao's happy ending (finally golden!) at their 4th Olympics
    5. The Lysacek and Plushenko brouhaha
    6. Nobunari Oda's snapped laces during his LP in Vancouver
    7. Sasha Cohen finally ending months of the "Will she/Won't she?" speculation by skating at 2010 U.S. Nationals
    8. Joannie Rochette skating two great programs at the Olympics in spite of great personal grief
    9. Akiko Suzuki skating the heck out of her West Side Story LP at the Olympics
    10. Mao Asada's skate blade catching on the ice during her Olympics LP, throwing her off her speed & timing, and causing her to pop her jump

    I want to add more, but only 10 are allowed...

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    1. Lysacek´s sp at the Olympics
    2. Takahashi´s sp at the Olympics
    3. Lysacek´s freeskate
    4. The moment Lysacek realized that he won the gold medal
    5. Yu-Na`s sp
    6. Yu-Na´s lp
    7. Shen/Zhao winning the gold medal at the Olympics
    8. Takahashi winning the World´s gold
    9. Pant/Tong winning gold at Worlds
    10. Laura winning the bronze medal at Worlds

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    1. Olympic ladies FS: 12 minutes of Yuna and Mao
    2. Olympic ladies SP: 8 minutes of Mao and Yuna
    3. Olympic ladies SP and FS: Rochette
    4. Olympic FD and OD: Virtue and Moir (after this Ice dancing finally makes sense to me)
    5. Olympic mens FS: when Plushenko score came up
    6. Worlds mens SP and FS: Takahashi
    7. Olympic pairs FS: Shen/Zhao
    8. Skate America ladies SP: Yuna (I was there in person too)
    9. US Nationals mens LP: Abbott
    10. Olympic ladies SP and FS: Nagasu and Lepisto

    1 through 4 will still rank high if the poll was about the most memorable moments of the decade.
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    1. Aljona & Robin's FS at worlds - breathtaking, my mum and I were so in awe, it was out of this world, sooo touching
    The whole ladies' FS in Vancouver but especially:
    2. Yuna's Sp & FS in Vancouver - she proved that she's the Queen - and her relief after the FS
    3. Mao landing three huge triple Axels in Vancouver and her happiness after the short
    4. Joannie's amazing courage and earning an olympic bronze medal

    5. Jeremy's FS at Nationals - awesome, and I'm not even a fan
    6. Seeing Stephane back on the ice - to me, he's the absolute best!
    7. Brian coming back strong at worlds, landing two quads in the FS and being so happy about his bronze medal!
    8. DelSchoes still being the classiest ice dancers of the field despite all their difficulties
    9. Voir's Flamenco in Vancouver - wow!
    10. Both Chinese pairs' reaction to their FS
    11. Daisuke!
    12. Seeing Adam at worlds and he skated soo well!
    13. Fede & Massi's FD at euros(not their scores though) and finally winning a medal at worlds, which was soo well deserved!

    Sorry I couldn't narrow it down to 10, but I almost made it! It was a season full of gorgeous moments!

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    1. Carolina's FS at Worlds: This was probably the toughest competition of her entire career after all the criticism she got after Vancouver. She was so close to giving everything up but I am so proud of her to actually keep going and delivering. Medal or not - I don't really care, she skated well and kept it together and that's the most important thing.
    2. Stéphane's EX at Euros: This is probably the most amazing program I have ever seen. Ever.
    3. Joannie's SP at the OG: So touching. That took guts and she was amazing.
    4. Evan winning over Evgeny
    5. Daisuke!
    6. Virtue/Moir: Their skating is simply beautiful.
    7. Davis/White's Bollywood OD: Probably my favorite program of the season.
    8. Faiella/Scali Euros FD: I think they skated the program the best here and deserved the title more than DomShabs did.
    9. Shen/Zhao winning Olympic Gold.
    10. Akiko: She always puts a smile on my face when she skates.

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    What a great thread! Just now have I realized how great of a season this was. There were so many treats for figure skating fans. It was hard to come up with just ten.

    1. Yu-na's amazing season, starting with a phenomenal win at TEB, to reach a pinnacle at the Olympics (as the first lady to win the OGM with two clean performances in 20+ years) and a subpar skate at Worlds leaving fans (and I hope Yu-na) yearning for more. Her Olympic LP will forever remain my favorite Olympic skate because of not only the skate itself, but also because of the circumstances (Orser finally "winning" gold) and the tears she shed.
    2. Joannie's Olympic moment: the moment she took on ice, skated to La Cumparsita and cried out to her mother in K&C. I don't think anyone failed to cry at that moment. She rose to the occasion with a mesmerizing skate, asked for no sympathy points and lived the moment. She has such class and courage. What a role model for rising Canadian skaters.
    3. Jeremy's Nationals LP: his 08-09 and 09-10 programs were all beautiful to watch, but this year's LP is my absolute favorite. A favorite moment also because it leaves me a little sad since the skate held such promise that was never fulfilled on international stage
    4. S/Z finally winning gold: my Chinese friends and I were hugging each other out of pure joy. I was never so happy for a pair. P/T's skate also left us happy.
    5. Takahashi's well-deserved Olympic bronze and Worlds gold! His brave attempts at the 4T and 4F, rather than playing it safe for gold. His SP combines exactly what I love to see in men's figure skating. His passion is inspirational.
    6. Lambiel's and Plushenko's return: To see them again on competitive ice was a true gift. I wish they would stay longer, but Lambiel has already retired, while the King's fighting injury. They have already given us so much. Perhaps it's a little selfish on my part to want even more.
    7. Mao's SP at the Olympics: what a comeback! I would put her Worlds LP, but the joy she showed then pales in comparison to the child-like exuberance and pure joy she exhibited after her Olympic skate. I've rarely seen her so happy these last two seasons. She has such a stunning smile. Wish to see it more next season.
    8. Mirai's first Olympics: her nosebleed (which I thought was kind of cute) and her Carmen LP, which established her as a skater of international recognition with fitting scores (Worlds). To believe this is just a prelude to a promising future ahead makes me so happy. I hope she avoids cutesy programs next season, though.
    9. V/M's skates at the Olympics! To deliver like that in front of a home crowd is a dream come true
    10. Akiko Suzuki. She leaves me smiling, always.

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    1.) Yuna's perfect programs in Vancouver and seeing her cry after she had finished.
    2.) Abbott's LP at nationals, his best ever.
    3.) Bradley's LP at nationals, what a performance!
    4.) Evan's reactions after finding out he had won Olympic Gold
    5.) Mirai's comeback/coming out party
    6.) Laura's LP in Vancouver, her best ever!
    7.) Kwak's reactions in the Kiss and Cry at the Olympics, soo cute!
    8.) Dai's LP at Worlds! Going for 4flip how gutsy!
    9.) Joannie's Olympic SP, the most emotional performance of the Olympics
    10.) Christina Gao's LP at the JGPF, because I love that cutie

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    1) Virtue & Moir vs. Davis & White Olympic FD showdown
    2) Yu-Na vs. Mao Olympic LP showdown
    3) Evan Lysacek Olympic FS
    4) Pang & Tong Olympic FS
    5) Chan, Joubert, and Takahashi SPs at 2010 Worlds
    6) Sawyer, Bradley and Rippon FS at 4CC
    7) Jeremy Abbott US Nationals FS
    8) Ryan Bradley US Nationals FS
    9) Navarro & Bommentre US Nationals FD - very moving
    10) Joannie Rochette Olympic SP

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    1. Ladies final group FS at the Olympics!! We all know who is going to be on the podium, but it was very exciting and great to see Ando, Nagasu and Flatt bringing the house down without a single mistake.

    2. Takahashi SP, probably will go down as one of the greatest SP of in men figure skating. + Him winning his long overdue world title. ^_^ ISU should use both his SP & LP to show how male figure skating is done!!

    3. First Kim vs. Asada saga. First round, to Kim!! Olympics gold!!

    4. Second Kim vs. Asada saga. Second round, to Asada!! 2nd World Title!!

    5. P/T free skate at Olympics and winning second world title; not as specticular as in Vancouver, but more than enough overall.

    6. Joubert redeeming himself at world and showing why he was on the world podium 4 times in a row!

    7. Marai Nagasu SP @ Torin and FS @ vancouver. This girl knows how to rock the house!!

    8. Calrolina good FS @ Torin. After watching her struggle the last 2 years, its great to see a glimse of her former self.

    9. Kim bombing in SP @ Torin. Probably the biggest shocking moment of the year. Hard to believe she was a Olympic champion. Oh well, you can't be perfect all the time and remind us you only have 7 minutes in total to make a history, at least in figure skating.

    10. Oda bombing in SP and not making the final cut for FS. After dominating the whole grand prix series, he performance goes form great to good to decendt to disaster! I hope he over come his bad Olympics free skate and world SP moments and start fresh for the new decade!! He is free from Morrozzo, so guess there is hope!

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    In no particular order-

    1. Marlie- the whole season
    2. Shen and Zhao taking a while to realize they won in Vancouver
    3. Jeremy's short
    4. Nobu's ex skate to Austin Powers
    5. Anna Cappellini's creepy smile in their FD
    6. Mirai pointing at the score when she won the short in Torino
    7. Joannie's short in Vancouver
    8. Johnny's FS in Vancouver
    9. Shen and Zhao's Twilight ex
    10. Akiko- because she is adorable and delightful to watch

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    In no particular order:

    top 10 wonderful moments:

    1. Virtue & Moir's Olympics CD, OD, FD, gold medal, and their World's gold medal
    2. Jeremy Abbott's Nationals SP, LP, and his National's version of exhibition number
    3. Yu Na Kim's Olympics SP, LP, gold medal and her tears
    4. Shen & Zhao's Olympics gold medal
    5. Brian Joubert's European's SP
    6. Plushenko's first 4t-3t at Rostelecom Cup which has marked he was really back
    7. Joannie Rochette's Olympics SP
    8. Takahashi's World's LP and his gold medal
    9. Brian Joubert's World's SP
    10. Pan & Tong's World's gold medal

    Top 10 worst mements:

    1. The moment that Plushenko's Olympics LP result came out which has indicated that Evan won the Olympic gold medal. That was the worst moment of my "career" as a figure skating fan.
    2. Brian Joubert's Olympics SP
    3. Jeremy Abbott's Olympics SP and his face after the program
    4. Rachael Flatt's win at the Nationals
    5. Lambiel's Olympics LP
    6. The moment that Brian Joubert's World's SP marks came out
    7. The moment that Jeremy Abbott's World's SP marks came out
    8. The moments that Patrick Chan's World's SP and LP marks came out
    9. The moment that Evan Lysacek's Olympics SP marks came out
    10. Yu Na Kim's World's SP
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    Quote Originally Posted by wonderlen3000 View Post
    6. Joubert redeeming himself at world and showing why he was on the world podium 4 times in a row!
    5 times in a row, in fact.

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