Just watched the interview last night, and I found it kind of weird. It wasn't really Johnny's fault, though. It was my first time watching a full episode of Chelsea Lately, and I don't get the show's humor AT ALL. She's so dour and when the other panelists were trying to say funny things, she barely responded. And she kept talking about Johnny being gay, which although we all knew, he's never publicly acknowledged it, so I thought it was really crude and mean of her to say that without (I presume) asking him beforehand if it would be okay. One thing Johnny did that concerned me was that when they referred to Tanith Belbin as Evan's "ex-girlfriend," Johnny gave Chelsea a knowing wink, like "yeah, as if." I don't know; I found the whole interview rather off-putting and uncomfortable, and I don't think I'll be watching Chelsea Lately in the future.