What a season has it been? It's too early to suffer from withdrawal symptoms just yet! Not until you list your top 10 moments this season.

It can be a specific performance or moment where your adreanaline went right up.

Here are mine to start off, in no particular order:

1. When I realised Sasha was actually competing, watching the official Nationals SP practice on youtube. That split jump into spiral! Nostalgia becomes reality. She's here!!!!!!!!

2. Mao and Yu-na skating back to back in the Vancouver short program. Mao finally delivers. She finally jumps out of joy. Crowd goes crazy. Camera spots Yu-na and Orser. Yu-na delivers! WOW.

3. Watching Plushenko in the first warm-up of COR on TVU. It's like 2am Sydney time. My first time with this crazy internet stream thing (thanks to you computer savvy GS people!). And I hear Plushenko's name called, first time in 4 years in an amateur comp. Quad/triple. Amen.

4. Meeting Jeffrey Buttle at Pacific Coliseum. Ok I'm bragging. He was the nicest and also v. cute. I really wanted to ask how come he wasn't out there skating but I didn't.

5. Meeting Daisuke at a souvenior shop in Downtown Vancouver. Ok I'm bragging again. It was the night before the LP and I didn't want to harass him. So I just said, "You were fantastic last night.", to which he politely acknowledged. Then my mum pushed me over and got an autograph anyway! Those pushy middle aged women...

6. Witnessing Daisuke's magnificent short in Vancouver. Stunning.

7. Jeremy's National's LP performance. As Scott Hamilton said, a perfect program!

8. Mirai's SP at Nationals. She was on fire!

9. Savchenko & Szolkowy's LP at Worlds. I loved their program most of all the pairs this season.

10. Mao ending the season with a bomb in the World's Long Program. Is team Mao nuts? What's with the weird music choice? Three 3axels is just to hide her lack of 3/3s! Ugly dress! What's JSF doing about Tarasova?.... It was noisy in the backstage. But Mao? Her attitude was consistent throughout the season. She never complained, she stuck to her plan, and she proved herself that night. She might not be the smartest competitor, but she's a pure athlete. I respect this 19-yo so much.