In no particular order:
1) Yu Na's tears of joy/ relief on completing her FS in Vancouver.
2) Virtue/ Moir's 3 Olympic skates and the ice dance medal ceremony. Never been happier as a FS fan!
3) Pang/ Tong's Olympic FS. I think that's the best skating I've ever seen from them.
4) Marlie's Bollywood OD. Zueva is a genius.
5) Joannie's courage and grace.
6) Akiko Suzuki. She's such a delight to watch; I remember thinking she was the only one who looked like she really enjoyed skating at CoC.
7) Belbin/ Agosto's classiness. And their awesome commentary.
8) Shen/ Zhao's joy at finally clinching OGM.
9) The redemption of Mao, Brian, Carolina at Worlds.
10) Daisuke wins Worlds GOLD with an attempt at a quad flip!!

HM: The Kerrs reviving their Scottish OD, V/M's Skate Canada FD (the first time they debuted their new ending), Oda's TEB FS, the V/M vs D/W rivalry, no falls from the top 7 ladies at the Olympics FS, Kozuka's Worlds SP, Mirai's Worlds SP and Olympics FS.