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    Quote Originally Posted by aurora100 View Post
    The 7 minute video proves, none of Ito's jumps in height, distance, the flow going in and out compares to Yuna's Triple lutz triple toe or triple flip triple toe for that matter. Yuna's jumps cover half of the ice. No way in the world ITO would receive higher GOE than Yuna has received if she were to compete under current system. I'm responding to previous posting here. Don't take my word for it, commentators on CBC, NBC, BBC, much qualified than I have commented on Yuna's text book triple triple. And let's not even get into other aspects of Ito's skating vs. Yuna. Case closed but I don't expect to convince any posters, nor am I trying to.
    The case of Ito's jumps get more ht and distance indeed is close Yuna's jumps do not cover half the ice ( I assume you mean half the ice rink). The only skater who covers half of the ice is Pang in a throw triple jump.

    PS: If Yuna were competing under 6.0 system, she would have gotten as many if not more 6.0s than Kwan. Don't believe ITO ever achieved that in her day.
    Are you sure? IIRC 6.0 system reward lady skaters with extensions, pointed toes, beautiful lines, in e.g. spirals a lot more than the current system. Anyway it is totally pointless to speculate how current skaters would have done in 6.0 system
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