One of the great things about skating fans is that we often are able to detect hidden treasure in skaters. We don't just appreciate the ones with the top scores or the glittering careers, though of course we love and admire them as well. We also see the quality in the more obscure. I think skaters such as Naomi Nari Nam, Matt Savoie, and others mentioned here would be gratified to know that their efforts are remembered and admired. This is one way that skating is an art form as well as a sport: it's an act of communication between competitor and spectator, or, if you will, performer and audience. If we in the audience can respond by "getting" what the skater is doing, it completes the process.

Kwanford Wife, do you mean Laetitia Hebert? I remember that skate--wasn't it Albertville? Poor kid; she was just overwhelmed by the situation.