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Thread: Interesting Rate for Kim, Mao, Kwan, Witt.

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    Interesting Rate for Kim, Mao, Kwan, Witt.

    Here is an interesting article on the incredible 4 ladies.

    Winning Rate ; Asada 54% Kim 76% Witt 78% Kwan 50%
    Podium Clinching Rate ; Asada 87% Kim 100% Witt 87% Kwan 97%

    First of all, I was really suprised that Michelle's podium clinching rate is almost 100%. ( missing podium just one time)
    Considering her long career it is really fascinating.
    But her wining rate says she sometimes show some weakness.
    Dominating a decade with up and down.

    Winning rate of Katarian was great (She just 'participated' in her 3rd OG.)
    Highest wining rate and comparably lower podium rate.
    A real competitor she is.

    I really want Yuna to continue her carreer because I'm a Yuna-addicted.
    So interesting to see how long she can stick into the perfect podium clinching rate.
    And her winning rate will go up or down?
    Mao should be the major factor on it.

    'Without Kim in the future' Mao's winning rate will go up easily to the similar level of 3 other ladies.
    there is a big gap between Mao and other ladies in the field.
    But does she really want it?
    She already said 'No'.
    She said she wanted Yuna would continue and I totally agree with her opinion.
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