I say not yet.

Yeah yeah yeah, Torvill/Dean who skated like a real "normal" team before the frantic/crazy/dying on ice/hideous costume/ugly moves became high "art" in ice dance. Loved them, Bolero was very unique but think B/K were the better/more technical skaters.

I think Riverdance deserved a gold medal in Nagano. And They skated so amazingly so often they should have won more than one world Championship. I don't know what ice dance devotees know. I just know that I loved, T/D, Roca/Sur, B/K and now the top two teams in the world give me hope that truly beautiful artistry is trumping ugly, "innovative" gratuitous lifts, etc.

I can now enjoy Ice dance again because all the others will try to emulate the two great n/american teams. If someone can explain to me technically or artistically what is so superior about v/m over b/k, I'd like to know.

I think Bourne/ Kraatz were the best I have ever seen and were Ice dance not so corrupt and russian controlled at ISU level under 6.0 when skaters had to wait to move up, they would have won a slew of medals. Am I wrong?