I am really glad that NBC and Universalsports used a variety of commentators to call this season. It brought a wide ranges of perspectives and opinions. Who was your favorite and least favorite?

My favorite of all time is Paul Wylie because he is very educated about the judging system and actually teaches viewers about the sport. He educates the viewers on the importance of edge quality and basic skating skills.

My favorite new comer was Jenny Kirk. She did an excellent job calling the 4CC's. I love her speaking voice, too. It's very smooth and pleasant to listen to. She also had a lot of interesting and relevant things to say. I hope NBC gives her more competitions to call.

Least favorite was Sandra Bezic. She's way too biased and speaks at the wrong times . For example she said something really corny about Kozuka "finding his artistic voice on the ice." It really ruin the moment for me when I was getting into his music and the edges of his footwork. Her commentary was getting so bad that I waited for the full raw replay on NBColympics.

Least favorite new comer, Johnny Weir. I guess mostly because he interrupted Tara Lipinski a lot. Instead of feeding off of her comments and creating some dialogue he seemed to dismiss it. Don't get me wrong I like Johnny Weir as a skater and a public figure but not as a figure skating commentator.