Hey Wallylutz,

Since you ask me nicely to take my question out of Mao's thread to curtail the ongoing OT in that thread so I made a thread just to ask that question again.

In many ways, Yuna doesn't have any one overwhelming strength. Her jumps are good but not historically best (not in the realm of Ito or Harding), her spins are also not in the league of the best (Lucinda Ruhl, Alissa Czisny, etc.) and her spiral sequences are not the best (i.e. Sasha Cohen, Kwan, Czisny, etc.) either. Even her step sequence are the not the best (i.e. Kwan, Mao, even Suzuki) . And as you've said before, she doesn't even do a complete set of jump for the ladies (she doesn't currently do a 3Lo) and you say even her Salchow is tiny and barely rotated. And you also mentioned that she rarely skates a clean free skate (which is true) so why do you say this:

history will surely remember this amazing skater who changed the course of this sport most likely for the century to come
In what way do you think she has changed the course of the sport? Thanks.