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Thread: A question for Wallylutz (Yu-na Kim's influence and legacy)

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    Quote Originally Posted by fairly4 View Post
    yuna is good-and yes there are times she messes up and still gets a postivie goe when in fact according to rules she should -but hey just a normal fan-so what do i know.
    in korea she is starting a legacy as the first from her country-so that in itself is notable.
    however non yuna fans and some from outside koreas isn't saying she isnt good-she is but she is like all the other good and great skaters from other countries-great and legends in own country first outside a bit of different story-
    i have different ciritera to be a great skater and above other that doesn't necessarily go by skating record,
    she is good and great for her country and to continue to help promote sport for korea but for me to use her (yu-na to psh the sport no--i would want my own country skaters to push sport of figure skating first and than (outsiders)-sorry
    I respect your opinion but it is unfortunate you think this way. That's a really narrow way of enjoying this sport. And when one becomes an olympic champion, as Yuna has, she is more than just a Korean skater making a difference in Korea. She is now an internationally recognized and internationally influencing skater.

    One of the things I love the most about figure skating is the fact that it is watched and participated by so many around the world, especially during the Olympics.

    I am a Canadian but I love any good skating by any skater of any nationality. I loved Michele Kwan for her skating. I loved many great Russian pairs skaters, especially Gordeeva and Grinkov. I love Chinese pair, Shen and Zhao. I loved Russian Yagudin. I loved British Torville and Dean. Who else. I love Japanese Yuka Sato's beautiful flowing skating. There are so many talented ones from all over the world. And of course, it's great to be a Canadian fan since we have so many great ones from our own. Brian Orser, Kurt Browning, Bourne and Kraatz. Jeff Buttle. Virtue and Moir. Wilson and McCall just to name a few.
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