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Thread: maybe controversial but want to know...ladies bronze vancouver

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    maybe controversial but want to know...ladies bronze vancouver

    I am not unhappy with the podium. I was unhappy how the judges inflated the scores. Also, I feel if Mao had better music, choreo, costume, she might have eked out the gold. I still liked Yu-na's skates but don't get caught up in any hype or national bias, maybe because I'm old and have watched a lot and heard so much hyperbole from all those commentators over the years!

    For me, they both made a case for gold. I wish it were another tie but I fully expected Yu-na to get gold regardless.

    But the question here( and I tread lightly in respect to canada's heroine),is this... was it a gift (bronze) to Joannie for her years of work, the tragic circumstances, the host country? I mean would Canada have gotten really upset if Mirai got third given her excellent, and to many, best performances of the night ladies comp?

    I remember being glad (as an American) that Canada won that hockey game as the closing ceremony right after would have been wakelike if they lost. It seemed fitting and a big happy ending that Canada should have won. (I don't care a fig about hockey and I'm not very nationalistic, BTW). I feel Mirai skated lights out, easily earned the bronze, but I'm not upset Jo Ro won. I am a fan of her skating, but found it very nerve wracking and upsetting to watch. Some were inspired. I was just awed and fearful for her.

    I have a feeling the entire country of Canada would have been very upset had JO Ro not made the podium. Given that Mirai was 16 and at her first Oly, its easy for judges and others to think, she's got another chance. But we know anything can and does go wrong with most of these elite skaters...honest thoughts about the result? Totally fair? Or the only possible correct result given the circumstances?

    I was genuinely impressed with Joannie's sp and her superhuman concentration. I could not see the judges giving a girl like that less than bronze, despite the mistakes. I've rewatched the skates but am no technical expert like some fans here on GS. Honest opinions all respected....
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