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Thread: Stars On Ice merchandise

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    Stars On Ice merchandise

    For anyone who's been to Stars On Ice this year- what type of merchandise are they selling and how much does it cost? I'd like to buy a program, a t-shirt and a poster or a photo, but SOI doesn't have their 2010 merchandise online.
    Also, which skaters appear on the shirts, posters or photos?
    Just trying to get an idea of how much money to bring. Anyone who knows anything- it would be much appreciated.

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    Not been to SOI yet but going from prices from previous years might set you back about $50.00
    I like buying the pins and magnets.

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    I think the programs cost $15.00. I bought the 2010 t-shirt with the cast photo on the front and tour itinerary on the back for $25.00. There were tote bags for $20.00. Autographed photos of individual skaters cost $20.00. I think you can buy a cast photo (not autographed) for $5.00. Check the SOI official website for more info.

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