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Thread: Brian Orser talking about Yuna's Olympic Gold

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    I think it was impossible to not feel just as happy for Brian as Yuna when she won that Olympic gold medal. After all these years, he finally got his magical Olympic moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aurora100 View Post
    From what I read, it was a pursuit by her, her mom and her coach in Korea, who wanted her to find joy in skating.
    ...A typical Korean coach would make you repeat jumps to get it perfect, even if it breaks your body.
    ...I would say a Korean coach, or any old school coach, could have disciplined her and made her cry (just guessing).
    One of her Korean coaches recommended her and her mom to go for a good foreign coach. This is very respected Kim Seyeul coach.
    I heard it was he that connected David Wilson and asked him to make Yuna a 'happy skater.'

    I don't know typical Korean coaches and their way of teaching. But I think Kim Seyeol, who seems a very nice person, genuinely tried to search for the the best way for her.(he even helped her with his money to go abroad and when Yuna said she wanted to quit, he persuaded he not to) And yes, she had completed 5 triples till 12.

    As for this video, very heartwarming to see. Maybe it was one of the luckiest things for her to have Orser as her coach.
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