What skaters had the best and worst costumes of the season? I personally love simple costumes that do not distract from the skating but enhances the program. The skating should speak for itself. I think HD TV has changed the face of skating because I had no idea so many rhinestones were used in skating! Plus Project Runway is on, so I'm kind of in the mood. Anyway...

Pairs SP:
Best- Shen/Zhao.
Worst- Volosozhar/Morozov. She had the body for it but he looked really tacky.

Pairs LP:
Best - Savchenko/Szolkowy. The vintage costumes was very appropriate for the music.
Worst: Morand/Dorsaz. Fake burberry?

Men's SP:
Best: Takahiko Kozuka
Worst: Azbal Rakimgaliev
*I never really cared for Johnny Weir's taste but I really liked his SP costume this year, even with the tassel.

Men's LP:
Best: Evan Lysacek (Nationals). Gray and black are is favorite combination and the fit was very flaterring. I also liked the caged shurg. I was disappointed he didn't use it at the Olympics.
Worst: Evgeni Plushenko. He look like a craps dealer gone wrong. Also, Alban Preaubert. He might as well wore an Ed Hardy t-shirt and did a program about the Jersey Shore.

Best: Davis and White. Very authentic Indian attire.
Worst: Dominina and Shabalin. Tacky, offensive, just plain bizzare. Its like they made their costumes from the fake plant section at walmart. Also Beier/Beier, I was quite offended, too.

Free Dance:
Best: Ilynikh and Katsapalov. (WJC) Dramatic yet understated. Controversy yet tasteful.
Worst: Belbin and Agosto. Ben just looked sloppy this season. I think it was the hair.

Ladies SP:
Best: Yu Na Kim
Worst: Rachel Flatt. It just was flat.

Best: Yu Na Kim
Worst: Alena Leonova.

*For Yu Na Kim, I don't expect anything less from someone who's net worth is $9M.