Her SP at the 2010 Worlds.
Actress Tara Lipinski, after reviewing the slow mo, also said the 3A was clean.
The Brits also said the 3A was clean as a whistle. (4:59)

Time: 4:18
We're not going to see anymore 3A this afternoon, and the 3A is such a difficult jump. The tariff of that combination (3A-2T) 9.5 is less than somebody doing 3Z-3T. It's completely wrong and that needs to be addressed and I hope they do because there's no point in taking that risk. I'm so glad she did because it's so great to see.

So add them into the list of people like Tara Lipinski, Johnny Weir, Michael Weiss, Peter Carruthers, Kristi Yamaguchi who all think 3A is not given enough credit.